TS2018 Doongalik evite.jpg

The popular annual Transforming Spaces art bus tour took place on Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18 and Doongalik was one of the four galleries featured to entice their patrons’ appetite for new and innovative Bahamian art. Find more information about Transforming Spaces at www.tsbahamas.com

Doongalik Studios is displaying a Junkanoo-themed exhibition entitled JUNKANOO - A Celebration of Life which will introduce junkanoo artisan and entrepreneur, Kevin Knowles and his wife Vanessa of Jujukanoo who has worked in the medium since he was a teenager, producing colourful junkanoo ornaments and figurines which have amazed both locals and visitors. This will be his first full exhibition of his junkanoo work, something which he always dreamt of doing. In conjunction with Jujukanoo, the Junkanoo Commandos will design a pop up Junkanoo Shack on the gallery premises for patrons to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ journey to Bay Street. Academicians, Dr Nicolette Bethel, Noelle Nicolls and Arlene Nash Ferguson, who were key members in the Junkanoo Think Tank will offer their audience an innovative and educational exhibition of “Junkanoo – towards a new Future.”

The Exhibition will be on display until Wednesday, April 11.