conchservation MAY 2019

We are very happy to be able to mount this display centered around a very important part of Bahamian life - the conch! This marine animal is an extremely valuable part of our food as well as our economy, and recent scientific evidence has shown that it must be protected in order to sustain its availability for the future.

We thank BREEF (Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation for its assistance with this display, as well as the various talented Bahamian artisans who have used their creativity and the beautiful shell of this crustacean to produce these amazing works of art!


Junkanoo is The Bahamas' astounding historical street festival which takes place twice annually on the main thoroughfare of Bay & Shirley Streets on Boxing Day, (December 26) and New Year's Day when thousands of beautifully costumed revelers make music, dance, parade, and pay homage to this tradition!

Based on the indigenous art forms of this tradition, two Bahamian entrepreneurs, Kevin & Vanessa Knowles, have used their amazing talents to create wonderful miniature junkanoo figures and Christmas decorations that will grace the first showcase in the LPIA U.S. Departure Lounge!

These are amazingly detailed works of art! If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Jujukanoo Arts at, find them on facebook, or telephone (242) 829-4729!


The Bahamas has a history of quilt making, particularly in the Family Islands, and the craft is enjoying a popular resurgence. This beautiful display was made possible thanks to the artistic creativity of the following artisans:

1) Maria Chisnall – The Bahamian Flag

2) Mary Ann Jones – Beaded Shell

3) Irene Knowles – Seahorse and Turtle

4) Junko Yamaguchi – Beauty of Androsia, Great Bahama Banks, & Junkanoo Drummer

5) Margaret Finlayson - Independence Quilt

6) Michelle Fielder – Underwater Quilt


Bahamians take Christmas traditions very seriously - between the celebration of church services, family time and the country's premier street festival of Junkanoo! This installation depicts all of these important aspects of a Bahamian Christmas and we thank all of the fabulous artisans who made it possible!


In celebration to our 44th Anniversary of Independence Articles depicting Bahamian National symbols, flags, and flag colours now grace the third showcase in the US Departure Lounge at LPIA to show our immense pride in 'we tings'! Happy Birthday Bahamas!


Doongalik installed an amazing collection of articles produced by coconut artisans in the first showcase at the entrance of the US Departure Lounge. The display highlights the creative use of every part of the coconut - tree, shell, fibre, meat, water, branches, leaves and more to make intricate 3-D people in wheelchairs, with crutches and cane, home, gardening, and fashion  jewelry and bags, and even food! Kudos are due to Troy Nixon, Clint Brown, Ras Hailu and Youlette Etienne for sharing their spectacular creativity!



Doongalik Studios has installed a Valentine-themed display in the US Departure Lounge for the upcoming 'Love Month' utilizing amazing productss designed by seven artisans in straw/sisal, fabric, quilts, hand made paper and jewelry in reds and pinks to add that extra special touch of excitement for persons travelling this month! 


1)  Harl Taylor BAG – Assorted straw/sisal hearts

2)  Elsie Fraser – Large straw bag, Clutch and fabric pouch

3)  Harl Taylor BAG – Straw/sisal embellished Heart BAG,

     Apple BAG, Belt, and Straw Clutch                           

4)  Del Foxton – ‘Red Lips’ handmade paper art

5)  Nancy’s Fancies – Wire necklace & earring sets

6)  ILAND – Straw sneakers

7)  Bernadette Bannister – Decorated straw slippers

8)  Margaret Finlayson – Quilted baby’s bib & wall hanging

More displays will be installed later this month so watch this space for more updates!

doongalik studios completes the THIRD installation at LPIA ENTITLED 'BAHAMIAN CELEBRATIONS'

The showcases at LPIA have been changed for the next several months (November 2016 - February 2017) to reflect the workmanship of the country's skilled artists and artisans under the overall theme 'BAHAMIAN CELEBRATIONS'. The exhibition's participants have increased to over 70 artists, and the works featured confirm the amazing extent of Bahamian talent!


This iteration features the HARL TAYLOR BAG 'Rays of Light Forever' in tribute to the late, great Bahamian fashion designer, HARL JOSEPH TAYLOR (1970-2007), whose creative legacy lives on through Forever....Harl Taylor Limited, the company which was established by his mother, Beverly J. T. Taylor in June 2008. "It was important for me to continue to keep Harl Joseph's legacy alive through continuing to create his exquisite designs."

The stunning Harl Taylor BAG display also pays homage to the Elbow Cay Lighthouse in Abaco, Bahamas which is the world's last hand-wound lighthouse still in operation! This Bahamian treasure is managed by the volunteer members of the Elbow Reef Lighhouse Society - please feel free to join them in this worthy cause!


1)  Tri-Gems – Hand crocheted jellyfish, octopus, turtle, flamingo

2)  Nadine Ramphal - Driftwood & sea glass mobile

3)  Leah Eneas – Baby’s crocheted headband

4)  Craft Cottage – Baby’s Androsia bag & hat

5)  Indira Moss – Androsia seahorse, starfish

6)  Joann Behagg – Turtle/fish tiles

7)  Jessica’s Tileworks – Ceramic turtle

8)  Hope Town Primary School - UP Keeps The Light On

9)  My Bahama Sponge – Assorted Bahamian sponges

10) Nadine Ramphal – Baby’s Goombay Summer onesie

11) Craft Cottage - Mermaid baby & Papier mache cat 

12) Hannah Adams - Fish Story

13) Every Child Counts - Note card


1)  Dawn Davies – Love & Responsibility & Tablescapes

2)  National Art Gallery of The Bahamas –  Amos Ferguson, Brent Malone, Eddie Minnis, Kendal Hanna

3)  Island Films DVDs – Artists of The Bahamas / Jackson Burnside III / Brent Malone / Amos Ferguson

4)  Henry Davis – My Country, My Island CD

5)  Fred Ferguson – Fresh Paint CD

6)  Eric Minns - Bahamian Calypso Classics CD

7)  Guanima Press – Robin's Song & An Evening in Guanima

8)  Allan Murray - Colourful History of The Bahamas

9)  Robert Elliott Johnson - The Road 

10) Rosemary C. Hanna - Nassau's Over the Hill Book/DVD

11) Creative Nassau - Strawcraft of The Bahamas DVD

12) High Tide Ltd - Womanish Ways, The Women's Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas 1948-62 DVD


1)  Colette Ferguson - Straw & conch shell  wreath

2)  Junkanoo World – Junkanoo drum

3)  Culture in Action - Assorted Junkanoo dolls

4)  Jigsaw Bahamas - Junkanoo puzzles

5)  D. Levar Adams  – Junkanoo figure & Pencil drawing

6)  Dr Emmanuel Francis – 'History of the Saxons' book & Junkanoo Costume Construction manual

7) Doongalik Studios - "I Come to Get Me' book & Junkanoo colouring book

8)  Craft Cottage - Androsia Wreath



1)  Rayanna Smith – Conch horn handbag, necklace, bracelet, & earrings set

2)  Nadine Ramphal – Sea glass mobile

3)  Jessica’s Tileworks – Gold dish

4)  Nadine Ramphal – Coin & copper bracelets & necklaces

5)  Netica Symonette – Burlap bag & burlap hangings

6)  My Bahamas Sponge – Assorted sponges

7)  Nadine Ramphal – Sea-themed earrings & rag necklace

8)  Trevor Tucker – Sand decorated bottle

9)  Michelle Nixon Lindsay – Angel of Love


1)  Bahama Hand Prints – Pot holders

2)  Sterlin Ann Creations – Conch bowl & spoon

3)  Carisso Rho – Bahamian miniature food sculptures: breakfast, lunch, dinner

4)  Lignum Vitae Centre of Hope – Placemats & coasters

5)  La Pasión – Condiments, spices, sauces & seasoning

6)  Firehouse Spices – Seasonings & pepper sauces

7)  Sue Bennett-Williams – A Little Bahamian Cookbook

8)  Trevor Tucker - Assorted coasters

9)  Nadine Ramphal - Beaded serving fork

10) Every Child Counts - Packaged disposable utensils


1)       Guanima Press – How to be a True True Bahamian

2)       Bahama Hand Prints – Tea/Beach/Turkish Towels

3)    La Pasion - Body scrubs

4)       Joann Behagg - Pineapple tiles/trivets

5)       Bahama Hand Prints – Bahama Islands fabric

6)       Timothy Moss - Lil Locals

7)       Nastassia Pratt - Clapboard house models

8)       Joann Behagg – Ceramic clapboard houses

9)       Timothy Moss – Coconut clapboard house

10)     Kim Deveaux – Bahama Islands coconut sculpture

11)      Rosemary C. Hanna – Nassau’s Over The Hill & 2017 Calendar

12)     Sterlin Ann Creations – Conch bowls & spoons

13)     Trevor Tucker – Conch tiles 

14)    Henry Davis - My Country, My Island Stories

15)   Ariel Reines - A Taste of Paradise

16)   Vision Pictures - Crazy Love DVD

17)    Craft Cottage - Quilted pineapple


1)      Craft Cottage – Androsia  wreath

2)       Abigail Moss – Straw wreath

3)       Chantal Bethel - Decorative crackle boxes

4)       Nadine Ramphal - Decoupage candle holders

5)       Bahama Hand Prints – Men's tie/ Wine cooler / Minnie purse & Straw cassie

6)       Barbara Jesubatham – Straw mill bag


1)       Netica Symonette – Sand decorated bottles

2)       Mega Mergers – Recycled tire jewelry & accessories

3)       Kim Deveaux – Carved coconut cup

4)       Porlaemae Rollins – Recycled bottle glasses

5)       Clarence Moxey – Coconut boat

6)       Netica Symonette – Decorated bottles on board

7)       Trevor Tucker – Sand decorated bottles


1)  Bahama Hand Prints – Potholders & Tea towels

2)  La Pasión – Assorted Bahamian & holiday teas

3)  Tasty Teas - Assorted Bahamian loose teas & teabags

4)  Naturally Bahamian – Christmas Sorrel teas

5)  La Pasión – Bahamian jams, sauces & honey

6)  Violets Are Blue – Eleuthera honey

7)  Bootleg Chocolates – Assorted handmade chocolates

8)  Maxine Ritchie – Assorted Bahamian jams


1)  Jeremy Delancy – Sea urchin hanging ornament

2)  David McGorrin – Wooden profile: “Patience”

3)  Mick Guy - Wooden platter

4)  Robin Hardy –  Covered bowl

5)  Jeremy Delancy – Coloured vessel & crystal and wooden glass

6)  Jeremy Delancy – Sea urchin teapot & covered bowl

7)  Roddie Pinder –  Key rings, perfume vials, pen set

8)  Robin Hardy  - Wooden pens / pen sets

9)  Robin Hardy – Wooden candle

10) Roddie Pinder - Wooden box

11)  Mick Guy – Wooden vase


LPIA Doongalik logos.jpg

Doongalik studios to curate display showcases at lpia

Doongalik Studios is extremely proud to have been contracted by the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) to curate the twelve display showcases located in the US Departure Lounge and along the arrivals corridors at Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) with the amazing works of Bahamian visual artists and artisans!

The overall theme for the displays is "....more than sun, sand and sea" and the first rotation was displayed from April to June 2016 with the works of over 40 artists, the second from July to October 2016 under the theme "Bahamian Pride" with 58 artists.

"Doongalik Studios would like to thank NAD for this tremendous opportunity to showcase the amazing talent of our local artists - not only for the benefit of our visitors, but also for our local travelers who will be able to view the rich artistic traditions that we have in this country," stated Doongalik owner, Pam Burnside, who will be responsible for the installations.

All of the artwork on display is available for purchase, and this page will list the items for the benefit of interested viewers! Please email the gallery for further information. Thank you!